Scriptwriters/Houston membership is open to playwrights of all levels of experience, as well as actors, directors, producers, and others with interest in and appreciation of Theatre.

Why Should I Join S/H?

Because you are a playwright in the Houston area who is looking to network with other local area playwrights and continue to learn more about the craft and business of being playwright. Houston is home to a number of playwrights and ermerging theatre companies who are desperate to do new and original work.

By becoming a member of Scripwriters/Houston, you have the opportunity to attend monthly meetings where you will have the opportunity to network with other playwrights as well as attend play readings and workshops of new work.

With opportunities only open to members, like inclusion in the 10 x 10 Showcase, the Museum Plays or the Tournament of Monologues, there are more and more opportunities for exposure that you can take advantage of. You never know when someone will see your short play or hear your play in a workshop and will want to see more.

Annual Dues

General Membership: $35
Full Time Students: $10

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